Jeep Grand Cherokee Problem Report

Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Window Motor May Fail

(126 reports)

The power window motor commonly fails in the front and rear doors. This may require replacement of the complete window regulator assembly which will include the window motor.

My window went down and did not come back up. If you press button down you can hear it trying to work, but.. when you press up..sometimes you hear it trying to work. -
Rear passenger side window won't work -
right rear window went down and won't come up. Problem not fixed yet. -
Driver's side front power window failed. Buy a new one at an autoparts store and replace yourself. Not hard and will save you bucks (find out how to disassemble interior trim and replace unit online). -
The drivers side unit on the door was replaced once - the unit that controls all the automatic door locks and all the power windows - and it stopped working about 6 months ago. I cannot open the windows at all. I replaced the fuse, but still doesn't work. Thinking it may be the unit again, a switch under the unit, or a faulty wire in between the door. -
Passenger window won't go up. -
My driver door window and passenger window frequently (every 5 months or so) get stuck completely down or half way down. -
Driver rear window not rolling up or down. Power windows. -
Right back seat window is rolled down and will not roll back up. -
both front windows won't go up or down window regulator must be broken or window cable block. -
it wasn't fix. My last jeep with power windows did the same thing. It cost me $900. to fix. That was over 10 years ago. -
Regulator assembly failed on both front doors -
Within one year All 4 windows had to be replaced. One, twice!! Had to replace. Was told it was common in jeeps. -
Both the front & back windows on the passenger side of the Jeep are not longer functioning! -
Both front driver and back windows locks broke -
right front window up and down electronic mechanism not working -
Front passenger window stopped working had to replace window motor and regulator. Also replace front driver window motor and regulator before it went too. -
I've had to replace both front window motors (not at the same time)! -
Plastic clip broke off cable end. Replaced window motor. -
replaced motor both paasenger and driver side -
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