Dodge Caravan Problem Report

Dodge Caravan Power Windows May Stop Working

(54 reports)

One or more power windows may stop working due to a failed window motor or regulator. In some cases these items are replaced as a set. If not, diagnoses will be required to determine which is at fault.

Left driver's side window will go down, but not up. With patience and multiple attempts, it will eventually close. -
passenger window does not open -
Power window on drivers side no longer works. -
Drivers side window power button doesn't work . -
While parked, my window was totally up. When I went to get into my van, I noticed my drivers window was totally down. It had dropped all the way down into door. I can hear motor running when I hit the window button, but the window does not come back up. -
driver side window fails repeatedly -
driver side window will not go down -
passenger motor and/or switch failed -
Windows can not wind up nor down . -
Window dosent go up -
Driver's side power window button is sticking in the down position and the window will not roll up. -
My Caravan's passenger side window won't go down or/and it won't go back up after going down, and the driver side sliding door won't unlock on most times. -
some times they will go down but not back up for days. so i cant go through a drive thru or roll them down at the bank. i must walk in to do business and that means tacking the kids in with me . -
Drivers window crapped out. Trying to figure out now. -
Drivers side window quit working & passenger is really slow. -
Driver side window won't go down. No sound from motor. -
Bought my van in February 2013 and in April my passenger window stopped rolling down. Hasn't worked since. -
Driver side switch and motor failure. Replaced twice. -
Window functioning ok, rolled it down without problem but would not roll back up. Total failure. -
The driver's side window motor stopped working. Passenger side still work. Don't know how to fix it. -
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