Power to alternator on 2000 Lincoln Continental

Problem just started and "check charging systems" keeps popping up in the instrument panel. I have replaced the alternator and it still says it. My battery does not keep a charge.

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What Tyreguy said, plus:

Check the wiring connector at the alternator. Look at it carefully to make sure it is not damaged or melted.
checked evevrything and it appears to be okay any other suggestions...
Voltage above 14.0; amperage at 70+ -- all at 2000 RPM when performing a test.

Wire connector clean and not burnt, melted or compromised.

That's it. Nothing else to that circuit.
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Have the alterator checked by the place you bought it from, and have them run a test on the battery as well.
You might have recieved a faulty alternator and/or your battery is failing.
Hello I'm replying about the Lincoln continental!!! The plug on the back of the alternator needs replacing cut it off and go get another connector. First fins someone to help u sit in the car and u go to the alternator and press down on the plug dont be soft with it push it and listen to the sound of ur car it should change slightly when it starts working but the person inside the vehicle should see changes on the dash. Thanks and hope this works for ya.
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