power stering pump on 1995 Ford Taurus

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return line leaking at pump housing,what tools do I need to replace or tighten fiting
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If you are not a well equipped technician, I don't think you want to try and change the power steering hoses on this vehicle, they are no fun for anybody no matter what experience level. The list of tools to do this is vast, there are 18mm fitting wrenches and I believe you need a crowfoot 18mm to do the line at the steering rack. For your vehicle there are three return hoses listed to cooler, to gear and to the pump their replacement times total 7.1 hours, if you choose to replace the pressure hose (which is a wise move) it is another 3.7 hours. After seeing that, what do you think? Those estimates do not include parts. If you just have that short section of return line at the reservoir leaking you might find a shop that can splice in that 3 inch piece of return hose for less than $100, (including hose 2 clamps and fluid) ask around to shops that work on lots of Ford products, that would be your best bet to save you time and aggravation. Good luck