power steering/ sputtering on 2000 Buick Regal

when I turn left the car seems to loose power steering unless I have my foot on the gas (just a little) also when I am driving the car wants to stall and sputters and while I was driving 55 down the road it stalled and of course lost all power steering not to mention it was pretty scary

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It could be so many things, it could be that the engine is idling to slow due to a tune up issue, vacuum leak, or other issues, is the Check Engine/Service Engine Soon Light on? If so codes stored in the computer of your car may indicate where the problem is.Power steering is a heavy load on the engine if it is not running right the engine will be under pressure to make the steering work correctly. Start with the basics the engine must run right, power steering acting odd is a cause not the symptom to be chasing.
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I'd like to answer this one but, I need tons more information. What I'd like to know is: When you turn to the right? is power assist okay? If that's the case, then the rack and pinion would be the most likely suspect, if not?, it could be the power steering pump, lack of fluid or a plugged pressure releif valve. As for the stalling, How often does it do it? is it mostly cold or warm? is it influenced by speed? will it quit just idling? When it stalled at 55 mph, did it restart okay? Can you also give me some preliminary information such as miliage and engine on the vehicle. And last but not least, has the infamous "check engine light" come on at all? if it has, it would be of great help just to know what circuit the fault took play. As you can see, the more info we get, the more we can narrow the possibilities.
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