Power steering pump pulley breaks after installation on 1998 Nissan Altima

So my power steering pump and hose were replaced along with my power steering pump pulley. The pulley was warped and I had some leaking in the pump and hose. Thats why they were replaced. Three days later a shaking sound occurs. My pulley is busted! The inner ring area is gone. We figure we had gotten a defective "new" power steering pump but are there any other possibilities like poor installation?

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Defective parts are always a possibility, especially on remanufactured-pumps..

However I would look more towards an improper installation…
Over or under torqueing is the most common cause for pulley failure..


Bracket: 14 - 18 Nm (10 - 13 ft. lbs.)

Connector: 69 - 78 Nm (51 - 58 ft. lbs.)

Connector (To Front Housing) Bolt: 49 - 69 Nm (36 - 51 ft. lbs.)

Pulley: 54 - 68 Nm (40 - 50 ft. lbs.)

Rear Housing: 14 - 18 Nm (10 - 13 ft. lbs.)

Suction Pipe: 14 - 18 Nm (10 - 13 ft. lbs.)

Also check the drive belt & drive belt tensioner for wear and binding...