power steering pump noise on 1999 Chrysler Sebring

My power steering pump has just begun making a very loud schreeching noise. It started once the weather got cold (+30). Dealer has checked pump, belts and tension and says it is not a problem; that Mitsubishi PS pumps make loud noises in winter. Have never heard this noise before (I have owned the car since 1999; BTW the car has only 65K miles on it). Any one have any ideas?? Is mechanic correct or am I looking at a PS pump failure.

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There's a lighter weight power steering fluid available from Chrysler for cold weather problems. That may help, but you'd have to flush the system with it, not just add a little.
I don't really believe that it's normal for the PS pump to squeal loudly but if the dealer swears it's so, well---
Maybe you should see a Chrysler or Mitsu specialist. Here's a directory link, it may of some help finding someone to check it out:
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when i start car first in morning it makes schreeching noise and steering is hard for a minute or so. untill car warms up.
Thanks... After replacing the steering pump because it was under warranty, the dealer who swore the whine was normal for that powersteering pump ultimately found that the steering rack was shedding metal and it was finding its way into the pump. Replaced rack and all seems ok.