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1996 Audi Cabriolet Question: power steering pump noise



darrell01, Columbus, MT, August 28, 2009, 12:29

I have a 1996 audi cabriolet that has a rattle noise that seems to be coming from the power steering pump. We replaced it with another used pump but noise is still there. Is there something else in that area that would make the noise or is this a problem with the ps pumps ?

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    patrick mannion from Greg Solow's Engine Room, August 28, 2009, 13:47

    I'm sure you have checked the obvious, is the belt sufficiently tight? Has the system got the correct Audi fluid G002000/G002012 fluid not standard ATF like conventional cars. Does the steering effort seem normal or does it chatter or seem stiff to operate? The pump pressure may need to be checked it puts out between 1450 to 1600 psi.

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    darrell01, August 28, 2009, 14:20

    belt and tension are good, fluid is correct, no evidence of steering issues, just the rattling noise. Noise can be heard with stethiscope on pump. Would low pressure cause it? The noise is not rythmic, sounds like a bearing
    in an idler pulley when it gots dry and starts locking up intermittently.

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  • Answer #2

    November 05, 2009, 22:05

    make sure the noise is accessory driven by running the car without the serp belt. does it change when turning the wheel? the water pump is right below the p/s and the a/c and tensioner a little lower.

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