power steering pump filler cap on 1991 Ford F-150

Can some one tell me how to get off in a ford F-150 5.0L V8 year 1991? I've tried unscrewing it left like a normal cap but it wont pull off, it just stay's stuck. I need the truck tomorrow and it wont steer hardly at all and I really need to see if it's out of fluid THANKS :(

by in Neodesha, KS on December 16, 2009
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ANSWER by on December 16, 2009
Usually the caps on a power steering pump are 1/4 turn to remove try tightening it again and turn 1/4 turn to the left and see if it comes off. But it sounds like the pump has failed because if you didn't notice a large amount of power steering fluid below the vehicle I would say the pump failed
COMMENT by on December 16, 2009
Well yeah I figured put the 1/4 turn part and I did try again but it's still stuck on there real good. I didn't notice any fluid under the truck but it hasn't been run sense a few day's ago so there really isn't any pressure in the pump itself. What's the chances though maybe the filter is out and what would it take to get a new one on there. I know very little about working on fords. and does anyone know a good site to see how to replace a filter if that's the case?
COMMENT by on December 16, 2009
And thank you, by the way. I'm still really muffed on why it's stuck there so bad. I tried pulling it off this morning and it about drove me nuts.
COMMENT by on December 16, 2009
Hey dude! thank's allot man. Finally got it off and its dry as a bone. Hopefully that's the problem and it'll work when I fill it later. Took a pair of pliers to pull it off. anyway thanks for the help and I'll keep in mind about the pump, I could still use a site to find out how to change the filter though if there is one on that model. Thanks for the help again.
ANSWER by on November 29, 2010
it will turn about a half a turn left then pull it out

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