Power Steering Problems. on 1992 Ford Taurus

I recently replaced my power steering pump for leaks. The last pump was leaking at the reservoir, I replaced my pump 2 weeks ago and now I'm adding fluid every day sometimes even twice a day. I always check under the car but their are no puddles indicating a leak. Power steering hoses are fine and so is the return hose. Where can the power steering fluid be leaking? Please help me out.

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You may be slowly purging an air pocket created in the system when you replaced the pump.

If you're adding pint upon pint - maybe there is something more. But if it's a lesser amount, then it's probably compensating for the air that eventually will purge in full.

And like you said - inspecting for leaks is the only thing you can really do; there's not a hidden place fluid can go. You should look at the rack and pinion steering gear boots - make sure they are not swollen with fluid, and check the physical connections at the lines. Good luck!
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could be a seal or a small crack in the pump