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1997 Chevrolet Malibu Question: power steering not working

the steering is real hard. got fluid. power steering pump doesn't require a belt. so how does it pump? could my pump be bad? or what else could it be. -
Answer 1
it does run on the belt -
Answer 2
do you have any of the following symptoms? they all pertain to the power steering pump... FOAMING, MILKY POWER STEERING FLUID, LOW FLUID LEVEL, AND POSSIBLE LOW PRESSURE This can be caused by air in the fluid, and loss of fluid due to internal pump leakage causing overflow. Check for leak and correct. Bleed the system. Extremely cold temperatures will cause air bubbles in the system if the fluid level is low. LOW PRESSURE DUE TO STEERING PUMP Inspect: * Stuck or inoperative flow control valve. * Pressure plate not flat against cam ring. * Extreme wear of cam ring. * Scored pressure plate, thrust plate or rotor. * Vanes sticking in rotor slots. * Cracked or broken thrust or pressure plate. * High internal leakage. LOW PRESSURE DUE TO STEERING GEAR Inspect: * Scored housing bore. * Leakage at seals. * Leakage at piston ring. * Air in system. GROWLING NOISE IN STEERING PUMP Inspect: * Excessive back pressure in hoses or steering gear caused by restriction. * Scored pressure plates, thrust plate or rotor. * Hose or line grounding out. * Worn cam ring. * Low fluid level. * Air in system. GROANING NOISE IN STEERING PUMP Inspect: * Air in the fluid. * Hose or line grounding out. * Low fluid level. * Pump mounting loose. RATTLING NOISE IN STEERING PUMP Inspect: * Vanes sticking in rotor slots. SWISHING NOISE IN STEERING PUMP Inspect: * Damaged flow control valve. WHINING NOISE IN STEERING PUMP Inspect: * Scored pressure plates and vanes. * Low fluid level. STEERING VIBRATES (SHUDDERS) DURING LOW SPEED OR STATIC STEERING Inspect: * Air in system. * Loose power steering belt. -
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