Power Steering Noise on 2006 Honda Accord

6 weeks ago - Mechanic replaced power steering pump and pressure hose - $900

Steering continued to make grinding noise but mechanic stated that this was normal and should go away. It didn't. Now noise is louder and hard to turn. Took it back and they told be that my rack and pinion seals are sucking in air and need to be replaced and will cost, you guessed it, $900. I'm not buying that there is a seal problem because there are no leaks. PSF is brownish in color. Any ideas?

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The problem is a very simple to fix. The O-Ring that connects one hose to the P/S is bad, it has to be replace. The Honda part number is P/N 91345-RDA-A01 ...

The above link is a guide to help u change it.. it takes like 2minutes and u are set...

The problem as stated above is a leak, air is coming in by the O-ring not doing its proper job. Overall you need the O-ring, which runs about $1.5 from Honda dealerships and Honda P/S fluid, about $3 for a bottle.
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First of all ... the Honda steering fluid is a brownish color.
I live in Acapulco and my wife has a 2005 civic ... Wife's car ... had this noise ... along with air bubbles in the reservoir! Sshe called Honda here ... 600 pesos parts ($40) 2,000 pesos labor ($133) I said hmmmmm ... I did a lot of research on the internet and this 0-ring thing kept coming up. I watched a lot of youtube videos and said ... can't hurt ... but could it be that simple! Got the o-ring for 20 pesos ($1.30) changed in ... oh my god it cured the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!