power steering leak where could it be from? on 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Leak coming from under the right side of my engine and it's pretty big leak took it in to get looked up at they said it was the power steering what else could be involved is it a hose that needs to be replaced or something else?

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A technician should take a careful look and locate your leak. Then the service adviser will be able estimate parts and labor necessary to fix your leak. If one hose is already bad, there could be additional hoses going bad that may also be due for replacement.
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Though you probably already had it fixed, Just take a piece of cardboard and place it under your car, Fill power steering fluid, Start the car and turn the wheel to the left and right. turn off car. pull the cardboard out to get an idea where to look. Have someone start the car and turn te wheel and look in the general area. if it is alot of fluid loss it is probably the high pressure hose. It is relatively easy to fix if you can turn a wrench...... if in doubt google it out