1992 Lexus SC400 Q&A

1992 Lexus SC400 Question: power steering leak

Hi I took my car to the mechanic and they told me the power steering pump is leaking. My question is, could the pump cause leakage, i thought it was the hose or the o ring was the cause of the problem. And they also told me that the AC is bubbling. I dont what that mean, what could be causing that? Do I need to change the hose for that too or is it something else. Thanks. -
Answer 1
Yes your power steering pump can leak as it wears out, And your AC system probably needs service as they need service every 5 years or so because water particles will freeze in the system over time and make your AC compressor work harder then it needs to. -
Answer 2
it is very important that you repair the steering wheel leakage because the alternator is under it so take care of it before it cause you more problems -
Answer 3
I own a 92 sc400 with 67000 miles on the clock. My alternator failed because the power steering pump leaked fluid on to it. I replaced the pump and the alternator. Later version of the SC had a deflector on the alternator to keep the fluid from dripping on it. the alternator rebuild shop said it was not effective -
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