power steering hose, fluid on 1995 Ford Explorer

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I was told that damage to my hose occurred from underneath my car. The fluid is leaking, but nothing is seen on ground. We suspect that damage was done by a rock or someone could have damaged the hose, and that fluid was highly flammable and auto was dangerous for me to drive. What could have caused hole in hose, and is fluid so flammable that I cannot drive even a short distance? Cost for repair was almost $1000.00. Can I get it done cheaper
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Power steering fluid itself is not flammable it is mineral oil, it is flammable if it is allowed to get on the hot exhaust manifold. This oil leaking will over time deteriorate rubber bushings in the suspension that it comes in contact with and if let low the steering components will run hot and become damaged. The hose may be seeping as opposed to out right gushing oil, top it up with fluid, turn the steering from side to side and see if the fluid leaks or fluid level is seen to drop. You are always able to get a second opinion/price for this work. Ask them to wash off all the old remaining oil.