Power Steering Fluid was said to be dirty and should be changed. on 2001 Ford Focus

I was just told by an oil change shop that my power steering fluid was dirty and needed to be changed. Since I did not see this listed in the maintenance schedule from the mfg I wanted to see if this was common to replace or if it was symptomatic of a larger issue with the power steering in my car.

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brake fluid and power steering fluid are the most neglected fluids in a car. they need to be change at around 50k and need to be checked frequently.

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Roy's right! We see brake fluid that is black and power steering fluid thay has been in a car for 8 long years that's turned dark brown. You can actually feel the grit that wears away at the seals. Change your fluids often to avoid expensive repairs.
Most franchise repair shops will try to up sell you a power steering flush, if the color and microscopic particles where of concern the manufacturers would have designed the system with a filter. If you have metal particules that may be of concern as it would indicate worn pump or steering rack, but replacing the fluid will not cure that problem.
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