2002 Mercedes-Benz C240 Q&A

2002 Mercedes-Benz C240 Question: Power Steering fluid leakage

I recently had my ac compressor and engine belt replaced. I was instructed to add more power steering fluid because it was low. I drove the vehicle for 350 miles without any problems. Before I began the trip I did fill the power steering fluid to the level indicated. On the return trip I notice the steering wheel was hard to turn and opened the hood and saw smoke coming from the driver side upper engine area. I discovered that a great of power steering fluid was at the bottom of the front of the engine but none of the power steering fluid was one the ground or the parking lot where I parked the car before the return trip. And some of the power steering fluid was still in the tank. The car still runs fine, no odd engine sounds, and does anyone know what could have happened? -
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