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1996 Pontiac Bonneville Question: power steering fluid

where do you chech or add power steering fluid, it starting growling today and i cant find where to check or add. -
Answer 1
Should be in the owner's manual. Check here http://repairpal.com/automobile-owners-manuals-online or try this link you may be able to down load a free copy of the owner's manual for your vehicle http://www.autousermanual.com/ -
Answer 2
Typically on top of the p/s pump, some have remote resevoirs. I believe this is one where the pump is on p/s of engine compartment-front of engine-close to the firewall. Can fill and recheck with the little dipstick under the cap. Keep up with it or can burn up the pump and rack. Have leak looked for at qualified shop. -
Answer 3
There is a cannister, generally on the right side under the hood, one is for brake, the other is for power steering fluid. The growling is an indicator of other issues, also. Don't think the fluid is the ONLY answer. We will be happy to check it out free if you can bring it in next week. We are booked up this week. Jim, Owner -
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