Power steering + engine mounts on 2003 Honda Accord

My mother has a 2003 Honda, the power steering pump was replaced a couple of years ago, and the hoses were repaired recently. However she complains that the car is making noise when she turns the steering wheel, especially when the engine is cold. Since I live far away the only thing that comes to my mind is that there might be some problem with the belt since she says it is not leaking any oil. Does anyone have any other ideas? Also, she normally takes the car to the dealer for the services (even though I've already told her that any certified shop can do the same work for a lot less) and she's been told the last couple of times that the engine mounts need to be replaced. The car must have about 65000 miles, and from what she tells me, the engine isn't shaking at all, so I'm thinking that the dealer only wants her to spend money on something she doesn't need right now. Again, any comments on this?

by in Fort Worth, TX on February 17, 2010
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ANSWER by on February 18, 2010
You may be right on the money about the "belt" noise on your Mom's 2003 Honda Accord. Regarding the engine mount - sometimes a engine mount that is just beginning to show sighs of wear may not be noticeable to your Mom. The mounts wear slowly and the transition to a slight vibration from a worn mount can happen so slowly that the everyday driver does not notice the difference. If is hard to say from a distance if the mounts are worn enough to require replacement.
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