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2001 Ford Mustang Question: Power Steering

How many power steering hoses are there? If (2) is one more common to leak than the other? -
Answer 1
hi pressure line low has hose clamps on it -
Comment 1
so low pressure line has hose clamps. Thanks -
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The power steering fluid leaks. It seems like it leaks when driving, not when the car is sitting.
i heard a noise when turning then got hard to turn after that i checked my fluid and it was empty so i put some in and its still very hard to turn.
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Trying to change the water pump but the bracket is bolted on thepower steering pump behind the pully
it only does it when car car has been driven a while not when it is cold also it only does it atlow speeds not fast i put a rebiult power sterring a year ago could it be getting bad or could the ra...