2005 Saturn Ion Q&A

2005 Saturn Ion Question: power steering

my power steering light is on dealer says I need a new power steering columm -
Answer 1
Not a unusual problem....get a second opinion if you have doubts. -
Answer 2
so the dealer and not the tech. says so. it could very well be just the power steering pump either needs a flush or the pump needs to be changed. get a couple more hands on opinions. -
Comment 1
This power steer system is all electric. It has a motor and eletronic modle that control this system. Likely the dealer is correct. -
Comment 2
So how much will it cost from a dealer and to do it yourself -
Comment 3
There is more specfic info needed to look up cost. You should check with a GM dealer first with your VIN # to see if your car is involved for a recall on the steering. -
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