Power Sliding Doors on 2004 Honda Odyssey

My power sliding doors are not working when you try to use them you hear the peeping noise but they do not open. It is possible that one of the doors was closed mannually when the doors were in the automatic mode. Is there a reset or anything that I can try before going to the dealer?

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Hi, what did you end up finding out? Did something need to be replaced?
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I've had this problem several times during the warranty phase of ownership. After the third time at the dealer with one of the doors acting erratic, I watched and ask the tech what he did to fix. Basically you need to clean the gold contacts of the door connector. Open the side door. Notice the connector pad just on the inside of the main side post of the van near the front door handle. There are eleven gold connections that mate when the side door is closed. Clean these contacts with an eraser till shinny. Use contact cleaner to help clean contacts and remove any left-over eraser film. Close door (manually) and try it out. Make sure your front dash switch for the sliding door is on.
2004 honda odyssey sliding door lock problem
We have had issues with our oddessy power sliding doors. This is not a recommend fix...however my wife has hit the switch that turns the dome lights on and has drained her battery. After the battery has been recharged the power sliding doors work again. I think the loss of power clears the error on the computer and reset it.