Kia Sedona Problem Report

Kia Sedona Power Sliding Door May not Stay Closed Due to Failed Switch

(11 reports)

In warm weather, the power sliding door switch may get stuck in the open position. Kia has an improved switch to correct this problem.

sliding door jams or gets stuck open -
door will not close and door open signal stays on when door is closed -
I had a heck of a time with those darn doors! The rear power doors both kept opening while driving. I turned the power off and locked doors, still they kept opening and bell dinging doors open! Eventually, took to dealer and installed 2 new door latches. -
Power door will open but not shut by automatic button. -
Sometimes the passenger driver's side door will not close. The latch is stuck and I can't unjam it. No diagnosis or fix bc I can't afford it. Looking for a solution on the Internet to help before Monday! -
Door would not close. Took it to Kia and they took my money and replaced an actuator but they eventually gave up and disabled power on the door(passenger door on driver side) and we don't use that door anymore. -
Passenger sliding door lock will not lock or unlock. I have to keep the door switch in the lock position in order to lock the vehicle. I can press the door open button from inside the van, or press the door open button from the key chain. If the door is unlocked, I cannot lock it. If it is locked, I cannon unlock it other than sliding the manual switch on the door itself. -
Door on passenger side open while drive. When parked.....door will not stay closed. -
sliding door will not close all the way. Can not drive van without door opening up. -
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