power seats on 1995 Buick Century

Hi, the power seat switch is not working, and I'm looking for a way to manually connect the proper contacts to operate the motor. A wiring diagram would also help. Thanks!

by in Lakewood, NJ on August 21, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on August 21, 2009
By the time you rewire or put in toggle switches to operate the seats it may be more time and cost efficient to have replaced the seat switch. In the fuse box is a power accessories 30 amp circuit breaker make sure that has power, each motor also has an internal circuit breaker. With reclining bench seat, the Orange wire brings power to the switch the recline motor on the driver's seat has two wires red and a yellow wire swapping polarity gets the recline motor to operate in either direction. Without reclining bench seat, the forward and rearward seat motor has a tan wire and a green wire that when polarity is swapped one way or the other allows the motor to move the seat forward or back.
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