power lost on 2001 Mazda MPV

Hello, who can help me please? I have Mazda MPV 2001 couples of days ago I changed sparkplugs I toke out intake manifold, I toke out Air filter housing, and I washed the intake manifold with diesel. After putting all together the engine lost its power, the Over/derive light blinking, it doesn’t run more than 12 miles doesn’t mater how I push the gas pedal, the engine RPM goes up and down, and make coughing. I am waiting for and suggestion, with what I missed up here?

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agree with bak recheck your work. is the ck eng light on? if so scan codes and post so we can adv
The code is: P0122 Throttle/pedal Position Sensor A Circuit Low Input.
ck wiring at the throttel position sensor. poss not plugged in all the way or you may have bent a tab inside plastic housing. either way a bad connection is very possible
Thank you much, I believe you are right because I had opened the TPS Throttle Sensor and cleaned it and I turned the inner plastic parts left and right, is that possible that I broke it by turning left and right? By the way, I took out the TPS sensor today and I measured with ohm-meter that gives about 5 volts.
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I'll assume plugs gapped correctly. With the components you removed, I would suggest retracing your steps. Sounds as if a wire harness was not reconnected or vacuum hoses not reconnected.