power lock & driver side window problem on 2006 Hummer H3

power lock & driver side window do not work - fuses look good. - The lock/unlock buttons on the doors and key do not work either. - However, I do hear a cliking noise from the fuse box, the headlights go on/off and the horn sounds off when the buttons on key are activated, but the doors will not lock/unlock.

by in Schenectady, NY on January 20, 2010
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ANSWER by on April 14, 2010
wire harness between front fender and drivers door has wire harness to control box. activates door locks and windows. The control box the wires feed to has corosion at terminals. Replace control box and harness with new weatherproof oem parts!
COMMENT by on April 23, 2011
Had the same problem today in my 2006 H3 after getting my starter replaced. It has something to do with the BCM. Grab your factory alarm transmitter and unlock and lock the truck, it will reset the function and resume normal function. Worked for me after i had a mechanic plug in his computer diagnostic to see if he could locate the problem but was unsuccessful.
COMMENT by on January 28, 2014
This same thing happened to my wife's truck, it was a very simple fix that was free. We tried and checked almost everything, then I took the driver door panel off and disconnected the switch board from the panel and took it out. One it's out separate it to access the computer board inside, brought it in the house hit it with wife's hair dryer on hot for a minute or 2 brought it back out and reinstalled it. That was all there was too it, works perfect now.
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