Power Fold Seat Not Working on 2006 Ford Explorer

3rd Row Power Fold Seat will not come up. I can hear motor turning or trying to turn. The screw assembly that controls seat is not turning. Motor has Black Plastic piece screwed to the end. Do I need to replace the entire motor, black plastic piece, or entire assembly? Do you know how it comes out?

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Not sure if you have corrected this problem, but I just purchased a 2006 Explorer (used with 33000 miles). The one 3rd row seat had the same problem. The dealer fixed it no charge, of course. It turned out the switch to make the motor run needed to be replaced. Not sure of the cost, but a switch is certainly much less than an entire motor.

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If you can hear the motor turning, it's likely that something can be done to fix the problem without replacing the motor or the entire assembly, but the components needs to be visually inspected. You'll need some help from a technician, or you'll need a repair manual that instructs you how to take the components apart so that you can find the one that is the problem.