2001 BMW 330Ci Q&A

2001 BMW 330Ci Question: power failure

why does my 2001 BMW 330Ci bmw loose power when I go over a rough bump in the road all dash light come on abs brake ect and car act like it is going to die. Then is is failing to start sometimes -
Answer 1
i would have the wiring and your alternator checked it seems like something may be loose or haywire in your charging or electric system. when the altenator went in mine all the lights came on in the dash and seemed like it was going to die. -
Comment 1
possible owner After ready all this issues with care. Would you still recommend this for purchase. I'm looking at one that has 104m, 2001, BMW 330Ci -
Comment 2
Yes it is an excellent car over all. Would definately buy another one VERY SOLID RIDE!! -