Possible warped cylinder head on 2000 Ford Focus

This vehicle is blowing DENSE smoke from both the tail pipe as well as between cylinders 2and 3. At the spark plugs. The customer just had a new head gasket work done several months ago. There is oil all over the valve cover. It's my belief that when they did this work, the head was not checked for warpage or cracks. Any other ideas on this would be great. Yes, I am a mechanic, but I don't think it's wrong to ask for help if I'm not sure.if anyone has a problem with this, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY!!

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sounds like you are correct, i would start there unless cust can get history on previous repair
Thank you, pre. Repair was done by a "personal mechanic".
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either that...or the "personal mechanic" used some "on-the-shelf" formula to temporary fix the leak
That could be very true as well. Thank you.
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