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2012 Toyota Tacoma Question: Possible throttle senser ?

engine is warmed up going 40mph slow down to about 15-20mph then push gas pedal to blend in traffic get no responce for about 11/2-2seconds then picks up, this has happened more then a dozen times in last 3-months, dealer said no DTC'S stored or pending, vehicle operating as designed. I owned truck for over a year, why is this happening now i have not changed my driving ways. -
Answer 1
Call Toyota Corp. Office before warranty expires!! You should have the info. in glove box. -
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What should i tell toyota when dealer tells me everything fine? -
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Exactly what you posted here in you first question, just make them aware of your problem! They should research and get back to you. If not keep calling until you get an answer. We may be able to help but for now it is up to TOYOTA! -
Answer 2
insist there is an issue and go to the top if necessary. see service manager if able -
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thank you i will al h. by the way i'm planing on driving this truck to ca. where i plan on moving. -
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look me up when you gey here. GREGS ORANGE AUTO 714-633-8219 -