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Honda Civic Harsh Shifting of Automatic Transmission

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The shift control solenoid externally mounted on the automatic transmission (non CVT) can fail and causes a harsh 1-2 shift. Replacing the shift solenoid and flushing the transmission with genuine Honda automatic transmission fluid may eliminate harsh shifting characteristics. A broken internal spring can cause the same issue. If the shift control solenoid does not repair the problem, the transmission will have to be replaced. 

Seems fine while driving, there is a slight hiccup between shifts 1-2 that wasnt there till recently, as soon as that started i havnt been able to get into the 4th all, so it shifts to the 3rd, and regardless of what i do it doesnt want to shift any higher. seems to happen fairly often in civics... -
Felt and heard a clunk when shifting between 1st and 2nd gear yesterday. Now it wont shift into 4th gear, stays in third. Also does not seem to downshift properly. So when starting from a stop, feels like still in 3rd gear. -
Won't shift into first and slips and shutters. Then it seems to do fine in the upper gears. -
We had severe driving issues and went to a mechanic to have the issue looked into and was inform that we may need to replace the transmission and the he researched and found this same issue with other hondas and he now is going to replace the solenoid to see if that resolves the problem. -
I have a 2006 Honda civic that drives but does not shift to the next gear when i have it in drive.I think its stuck in drive low. Also the speedometer is not working.I was told if the speedomter does not work its because the transmission could be stuck in drive.Does anybody had that same problem let me know. Thank You, Randall -
Shifting from 2nd to 3rd takes a long time and a heavy foot. -
no drive reverse -
Harsh shifting between 1_2 -
rough shifting 20 to 40 mph -
Very hard to shift the gear from Parking to Drive -
slipping just starting... -
My car is the 5 speed auto. 2006 civic coupe. My automatic transmission is having a hard time shifting from gear to hear specifically 1-2 I have a warranty on my car so I am debating whether to take it is or not I do not want to pay out of pocket for this repair. -
hard to shift all the time;if pushing the button on the side of the driver'handle,nothing is changing. -
Hard shifts 1st and 2nd when it's cold. -
hard shifting going to instill new shift solenoid -
the transmission has problem going into drive and d4 ligh, tt flickering and it does not reverse the problem happens sometimes and most of the time it happens and the car shifts rough -
shifting from 1st gear to 2nd gear was becoming more jerky with time.until one day i was on the cruising down the highway when suddenly the car went to 2nd gear and did not want to get out. took it to the mechanic to replace the whole tranny cause it way too expensive to rebuild the old one. -
hard time on reverse gear, during 20kph to 50kph it looks like hard time going to the next gear automatically so it seems like a slide in the transmission occurs -
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