1999 Dodge Durango Q&A

1999 Dodge Durango Question: Possible problem and price hole in oil pan

My engine light came on while driving down the highway. I pull over and I was losing oil. I put more oil in but it ran straight out. So I had it toad home. The engine still start but I dont run it. -
Answer 1
Not good thing. On the bright side, maybe the technician who performed your last oil change left the drain plug loose. If this is the case a new drain plug is all you will need, Worst case scenario, internal engine damage due to lack of lubrication in engine. Labor for Replacing the oil pan, depending on engine (4.7L / 5.7L) and 2WD or 4WD can range from 4 to 8 hours. -
Answer 2
First of all, learn to speak and spell. Proper use of the english language will net you a proper answer. -