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1992 Honda Prelude Question: possible ignition switch??

intermittant starting issues- sometimes turn key and it will light up and hear the clicks. othertimes it cranks and hear it catch but then it doesnt start up keep trying and eventually it will start. i have had the starter replaced. im being told possible clutch switch?? or relay could also be it. tierd of being told have to catch it doing it to know for sure..thats bull right? help me diagnose please.. this car runs like a dream otherwise and im a mom of young kids tierd of being stranded by this. most recent tried 30 min was towed the repair guy got it off the truck and it started right up and has for him two days now. -
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Just replace the clutch switch, it is a wear item.I usually do this on every starter job do on a manual shift car. ( switch is about $12) But, if you starter is clicking, then you may have a bad starter. Was it a rebuild?? Also, how good is your battery and battery cables (Very important! ). Do this first. The intermittent crank but no start is usually the Main fuel injection relay. VERY common on Honda. It will work fail and then will work for a week. Usually gets worse in hot weather. Not too expensive either. About $80. -
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was a rebuilt starter- i replaced the cables and battery at sametime. dandd thanks for quick response!!!!! taking in am for clutch switch and will have relay replaced. can you tell me if i should have the electrical switch replaced too? it has twice stalled while driving on highway all lights/gauges out then back on -
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