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1990 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL Question: POSSIBLE CAUSES FOR ENGINE NOISE

I just recently had a transmission put in my benz with 207k miles. The battery went down and they jumped the car, knocking out the voltage relay. When I picked the car up,it was idling like a race horse. After several trial and errors, I found out it was probably the relay (ABS light was on) and replaced it. Afterward, I starting hearing a slight "ticking" like a lifter or valve sticking. It has gotten louder but does not sound like it is coming from under either valve cover. What could be the possible issues?? -
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Could it be the transmission flex plate or anything related to the transmission work. I hate to blame people but the first place usually to start in cases like this i the last thing touched. That engine uses hydraulic lifters perhaps a lifter is sticking or dirty, had to speculate without being able to hear the noise first had. -
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Patrick...thanks for your insight. One of my mechanics suggested putting some Vlave Kleen in the oil to see if that would quiet the noise; it didn't. Should i try that a second time or just go ahead and get it over to someone to take a look at it?? -
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