Possible Bad Radiator? on 1995 Ford Ranger

My husband's 1995 Ranger had been running hot for the past couple of weeks so he replaced the thermostat, no luck; still kept running hot. About two weeks later it went dead on him & coolant everything was coming out of the radiator. It has since been sitting in our back yard which was about 2 months ago give or take, about a week ago he went to crank it up & he said it started smoking & almost acting like it was going to catch fire. Could this be a bad radiator?

by in Silver Creek, GA on February 07, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on February 07, 2010
This sounds like it was badly overheated and it's possible the headgasket is blown. This really requires someone to look at it and perform a few tests to see what is actually going on, so if you want a real diagnosis, take it to a shop or look for a mobile mechanic in your area to come by and check it out.
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