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1990 Ford Escort Question: ports on coil don't fire

Thanks so much for answering my last question. We have determined that it was not the plug that wasn't firing but the port on the coil. What would cause one of the ports on the coil to stop firing? -
Answer 1
I wish I could give you a plug wire to try and see if your misfire goes away. Electricity want to find the easiest path to ground. The coil pack may have shorted out internally or you may in fact have a bad plug wire. Over time the resistance in the plug wire became to great for the spark to "jump" and the high tension spark created by the ignition coil found a path to ground through the coil. -
Comment 1
I am not getting any fire to the plugs or coil, the key just click and thats all -
Answer 2
There is acutaly 2 coils inside the "coil pack" most of the time its the coil pack itself. The computer grounds each coil and causes it to spark. If the wire to the coil is bad the coil will not work at all. If only one "Post" is not getting spark, just put a coil pack on it. Dont buy the cheapest one, you get what you pay for. -
Answer 3
a port is getting fire, but the port is still not hitting -
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I am still not getting any fire -