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Clutch pressure plate gone?...or hydraulics going? Feels like the old scenario of someone "riding the clutch"
I had oil changed 3 days prior to 125 mi road trip. During road trip white smoke started coming from tail pipe. A few mi later the check engine light came on and I immediately pulled over. The car was towed back to Fi...
It has 77K with manual trans.Seams to run ok but can't drive it,the is blinding.
have had the car for apporx a month; first time this has happened
Took my 2001 Boxster to get a leaky trans seal replaced...now the dealer is saying bushings inside are damaged and wants another 2900.00 on top of the original 1800.00 (to put in a used transmission!) It was running ...
how difficult is it to do a clutch job on a 2001 boxer
water is leaking and I donot know where behind seat on passenger side is soaking wet
My battery goes dead over night. I have replaced the battery but it did not fix the porblem?
it happened when i was driving for a while and i park the car to do some business transacton when i came back all the coalant was in the ground and it is leaking right under the car, troubleshoot. filled with water, c...
rear engine vent will not go down, How do I fix this?
For normal use, how long anticipated would a clutch need before it is due for replacement?