1990 Porsche 928 Problem Reports

Newest 1990 Porsche 928 Problem Reports

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The ignition system must be maintained—distributor caps, rotors, and cables require attention. The misfire detection system can cause the engine to shut down by half. The root cause of the problem must be ascertained before repair.

An alignment issue at the driveshaft/flex plate interface can cause a worn engine thrust bearing in the automatic transmission. Revised parts and assembly procedures are available.

Intake air leaks at the manifold and elsewhere are common.

The AC climate control system can be erratic. Diagnoses of the interior sensors, actuators, and control assembly will  be necessary to determine the cause of any AC problems.

Mechanical wear in the clutch and clutch release mechanism can cause shifting engagement and noise issues.

Suspension components (including ball joints) are critical and require regular inspection.

Aged brake fluid can cause numerous problems and should be replaced regularly.

When changing speeds at random or while going over bumps, the interior fan speed can be erratic. A replacement fan control resistor is required.

If engine misfiring, rough running, or fuel consumption issues are not resolved quickly, the catalytic converter can overheat and fail.

A failing ECM or a fuel pump issue can cause a "No Start" condition.
Aged and deteriorated connectors can cause common wiring issues; repair requires care and vehicle-specific information.
Erratic switches and controls can cause electrical problems.
Due to electrical interference from cell phones and secondary ignition faults, the vehicle's central warning system display can be erratic.