Honda Pilot Problem Report

Honda Pilot Engine Oil Leaks Due to Porous Engine Block Casting

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The engine may develop and oil leak due to a porous engine block casting. The repair procedure is dependent on where the leak is located. Honda has released a service bulletin covering model year 2003. Honda may offer assistance with repairs, determined on a case by case basis.

Had an oil leak. I put a bottle of "Blue Devil" and replaced my oil drain plug and no more leaks -
Porous engine block...have not yet contacted honda to see about the repair. I feel they should cover it as this is a basic manufacturing defect. -
Not sure where the source for the oil leak that drips from around the oil pan ... but sounds like a OEM issue so I will call my dealer. -
My Honda Pilot has started leaking oil and they cant determine exactly how to fix it. -
Not fixed, yet, but oil leak from under the timing cover attempted repair by reputable mechanic. Same oil leak. We've taken it in 3 times and so far no luck on repair. -
Have the same problem. Suddenly started leaking oil, have not had it repaired yet. Should Honda be responsible for this issue? -
When I first purchased the Honda Pilot, there was a perpetual leak and smell of burning oil. The dealer at first said there was no problem, but with my persistence, found the block to be porous and they repaired. -
oil leaking from the top side of the motor. used dye to track it, but still cant find the area that"s leaking, but still cant find the leak ??? Must be a Honda thing. -
leaking oil due to same -
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