Mercury Sable Problem Report

Mercury Sable Popping, Squeaking, Noisy Sounds from Front Wheel Areas While Driving

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Chafing of the jounce bumper against the strut rod and / or rubbing of the dust boot against the strut mount cup can cause popping, squeaking, and noisy sounds from front wheel areas while driving. Lubricate the jounce bumper (bump stop), strut rod, and boot with dielectric grease fix this concern.

One of the belts in the front sounds like it's squeaking. I had it looked at and the mechanic noticed nothing wrong. It sounds like a bunch of rats chattering. It seems to get louder and more frequent in wet weather. -
no solution -
rubbery front squeek while driving especially on driveway curb -
not fixed yet -
don't know yet -
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