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2007 Ford Taurus Question: popping sound

while driving my car at times i hear a popping sound comming from underneath -
Answer 1
Your 2007 Ford Taurus should be under warranty check with the Service department at your Ford Dealer. -
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When I'm in OD and I excellerate to go faster,I press the gas pedal down and I get a slight pause/pull back and a pop sound. What causes this?
Ok when you first pull the hood release lever in the car it pops the hood, then you have to stick your hand in and push to the side to get the second latch to release. For a year or so now just for...
A loud popping noise always happens when turning far right. Had motor mounts replaced which mechanic said was the problem, but it still makes the sound.
my 2002 taurus front tires will still turn even when car is in park when car is on jack stands, plus it is making a popping sound when wheel is turned to the left. what could be the issue?
...code or any other code. Occasionally while cranking during a cold start there is a knock or a popping sound. There is never a knock or rough running at any other time. There may be a slight lag in accel...