1994 Ford Explorer Q&A

1994 Ford Explorer Question: Popping or ratcheting in front end?

Sounds like to me that the front end is popping or ratcheting when turning a corner. This is a used car I am looking at. It is a clean truck and I am buying it from a friend and feel like $1000.00 for a four wheel drive is not a bad deal. -
Answer 1
What is the condition of the front axle and axle u-joints? If an axle u-joint is seizing up, it could make some noise, and probably vibration. You're sure it's not a rear locker making noise? If you can, have a shop look at it before you buy it. This could be something easy or it may be something more costly. wish i had more for you, hope this helps -
Answer 2
it could be the bearings or the bushings... -