Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Problem Report

Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Popping Noise From Muffler Heat Shield

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The muffler heat shield may become loose on the muffler causing a rattle or popping noise. Our technicians tell us there is a kit available from GM to correct this problem.

"vibration" type rattle at around 2200 rpms. The truck has to be under a load meaning in gear. Just revving the engine, in park, will not recreate the noise. -
The heat shield on top of the muffler has come loose at one corner and now makes an annoying rattle with the engine at an idle. While cruising it usually goes away, however can still be heard at some RPMs. -
Popping noise from exhaust -
Popping noise from muffler heat shield. Mechanic removed the heat shield. -
I have a rattling sound that comes from my heat shield, after the truck is warmed up it goes away. I have yet to have it repaired because it only does it when it's cold and I first start it. -
Muffler seems to hum, sounds like a faint train when truck is started. After it warms up, sound goes away. -
2005 HD Gas, 6.0, This is a vibration type noise in the exhaust which only occurs when the truck has been running and is hot -
Thought the muffler was bad, it raddled at low speeds, the muffler guy fixed it for $10.00 and said it was a loose piece. -
rattles at idle, sometimes. -
same as above -
Getting popping crackling noise. Not fixed yet. -
been driving with the rattle. 162,000 now still rattles lol -
Fabricated new shield with better material. -
Tinny rattling sound when truck in gear under load, doesnt do it idling. Dealers said it was rocks in heat shield but i know this to be not true. Dealer said noise is harmless but it is very annoying. -
Makes a rattling at both an idle and while driving. Doesn't sound good but doesn't affect performance either. -
Rattling muffler heat shield -
Only makes the noise when someone is riding in the rear seat -
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