Pontiac G6 Problem Report

Pontiac G6 Poor Terminal Contact at BCM Connectors May Cause Electrical Issues

(37 reports)

Various electrical issues may be caused by poor terminal contact at the body control module (BCM) electrical connectors. Proper diagnoses will be required to confirm faults are related to poor BCM connections.

door ajar light constantly on horn will go off, in the middle of the night interior lights stay on while driving dash registers: key fob battery low waiting to install a new BCM -
brake lights don't work right,cruise control doesen't work right,radio doesn't work right, door locks don't work correctly -
First noticed as cruise stopped working. Dealer applied diaelectric grease to BCM connectors, worked for about one day. Then I realized my brake lights were on all the time, dealer replaced Brake Pedal Position Sensor (BPPS). Worked great for 5 days. Now dealer thinks the BCM needs to be replaced because they cannot even calibrate the BPPS but htey may try another new BPPS first. Very frustrating, dangerous, and costly. -
Car wont start, security light on. Told to replace BCM. 1 yr later same problem returns! -
brake lights come on while driving and not pushing the brake...after pushin brakes they go off but come back on and stay on -
Brake lights stay on while driving and won't go off till I press or tap the brakes. When I release the brake lights come back on with in 3 to 5 secs later. I have replace the brake switch twice and it fixed it for 2 or 3 days but the problem returns -
Same problem with brake lights. They go on when driving and off when pedal applied. There is a recall for G6 up to 2007 for this due to fatal accidents. Still waiting on 2008 and up recall. Quick fix pull the BCM and lube the heck out of it with dielectrical grease. Wiggle it back into place and push it in hard. Try brakes again - if lights are still on put more grease on it. Issue being is the connectors on the BCM are corroding, you can also clean the connectors and grease it up too. Due to poor placement condensation from AC creates humidity and corrosion with the BCM. Been dealing with this issue for a few years now. -
Rear middle brake light always on -
My lights wouldnt go off, and now nothing in my car works, -
Brake lights come on when shifting out of park and stay on until I put it back into park! can't drive it, BCM and recalibration/programming to expensive so I have a perfectly good car (except the fore mentioned) and haven't moved it out of my garage for a year! -
Brake lights work on and off - I was told by the GM dealership that I need to get a new BCM before more problems occur. -
Headlight low beams do not work. Move wiring harness around and they will work for a short amount of time before not functioning again. -
Key fobs didn't work, clock on radio would constantly reset to midnight, airbag warning light comes on intermittently and various other electrical issues. Spent hundreds diagnosing and replaced BCM- didn't resolve problem. Then mechanic checked vehicle battery- it was low and needed to be replaced- all problems resolved. -
i changed my alternator three times and still my battery light comes on and it's a new battery smh changed the connector to the alternator still nothing -
Brake lights staying on -
Brake lights come on when driving and not using brakes, and turn off when pushing on the pedal. -
A/C works intermittently. Driver's side low beam headlight works intermittently even though the bulb has been replaced three times. Driver's side rear door will not unlock with remote entry or with driver's side controls. Engine light comes on and goes off intermittently. Water temperature gauge works intermittently. Service tire monitor light is on. There is a pending recall for electrical wiring issues and we have neither received contact about the recall or any attempts to perform those recalls Solution: Frank Kent Cadillac offered to effect all repairs including brake job and tie rod end replacement for $4000 minus 10% discount. When I contacted GM for help, I was told that GM would partner with the dealership and honor the 10% discount. -
all electrical go on and off as they want -
brake lights on continuously. -
This is the second time this problem has occured in less than three years. It's too frequent and two costly. The -
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