Poor performance after replacing fuel injector on 1995 Pontiac Sunfire

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my 95 sunfire has ran like a dream since i got it 6 months ago. last week i noticed a fuel injector leaking so i quickly replaced it and now it starts hard, shake, makes moaning noises when i accelerate, has a burning smell ( smells like a belt), and i'm now getting 150km LESS per tank. it has 220 000km
(2) Answers
It sounds like your fuel injector on your 1995 Pontiac Sunfire may be leaking again. With the key on and the engine off look around the injector area to see if there is any fuel dripping, If so remove the injector and check the seals. You could also have an incorrect or faulty injector.
The 95-97 Sunfire / Caviler fuel rail system is very touchy most likely you have the old o-ring still down in the bore and the injector is sucking air causing poor performance. or you have one of the screen just not in the right spot on the injector itself blocking the inlet port. you can even have them down to far into the bore.
Hope this helps and respond for any other help...