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Ford Edge Poor Fitment of Headliner, Possible Rattle Around Sunroof area

Ford Edge Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2008, 2009, 2010

Average Mileage: 48,587 mi (29,000 mi - 62,000 mi)


Adhesive for foam blocks in the headliner can fail leading to poor fitment of the headliner and a possible rattle around the sunroof area. The foam blocks attach the headliner to the mounting brackets. Access the headliner and re-secure the foam blocks to the brackets using cable ties / zip ties.

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    Not sure how to fix.

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    Rear headliner falling down on Ford Edge. Looks like the design was to attach headliner with thick "double sided tape" foam blocks to two metal brackets (at least in the rear of the car). I can't believe this is the final way Ford designers came up with attaching this as over time, this was going to happen no matter the environmental conditions. I haven't corrected the issue yet, and would appreciate any suggestions if anyone has corrected this problem.

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  • Visitor, , 29,000 mi

    Headliner coming down and having rattles

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  • Visitor, , 62,000 mi

    I haven't fixed it yet

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