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I removed the crank handle, and the door panel, but I cannot see where the screw is and, what type of tool I need too. Can you help me?
Lights out cant see shifter at night.
both side mirror, cigarette lighter(light up)& radio all not working,
the lamp above the area dial on the climate control console is out. can't figure out how to get to it to replace it.
I've noticed a noise in the front end of my car that sounds like metal scraping. It occurs when there is bounce in the car, like going over a speed bump or a dip in the road. Its very noticable on a particular section...
My average city gas mileage is 25 mpgs - not good, right? I have just tried cleaning the MAF, so I will see if there is a difference. Also, even in the summer, the startup idling rev's are close to 2,000 ... can I ad...