1998 Pontiac Trans Sport Questions

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The car has been pack for five years.

The car has been packed for over five years.

It runs good on highway but if i park n leave it running it will go dead

The car runs good except for idle,I replaced the IAC sensor, cleaned the MAP sensor, Ineed to but didn't clean the throttle plate, seems like it is gummed up around the edges.

Slippage when comparing input shaft speed to the output shaft speed. Is this expensive to fix? I'm trying to find out the average cost of repairs including labor. I'd appreciate any help:)

Fuel filter has never been replaced. Where is it located, can I DIY?

there is no spark and can not here the fuel pump come on when you turn the key

suspect wiring between relay and pump is bad, maybe a bad ground, but need a schematic to know where wires going so I don't wreck low voltage side of circuit. popped fuse once. any ideas?

I've already replaced the fuel pump relay

abs light not on..

cant change from one to another it is stuck in park is it expensive to fix