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So my boyfriend drove the van up the street to meet with his brother. It was driving just fine, then he parked and turned the van o# to meet up with his brother. When he went to leave, the van wouldn't turn back on. W...
The van died when driving down the highway.I checked the timing chain, changed the spark plugs and wires, changed the fuel filter. I know its getting spark and fuel. These are all the codes before I did any thing: P...
Hesitation. Rpm on dash 0, crank sensor new. Plugs new, plug wires new. Any ideas where to turn now. Plz help.
after taking my van in for an oil change it started to make a noise but before that the oil light came on I am wondering if once all the oil and gunk was removed from the engine would that possibly be the piston hi...
I can see the front ones.....but NOT the back ones...HELP
My car engine just stopped while in drive, It won't restart but clicks. Any Ideas? I suspect that it is electrical.
while makeing turns and makes a noise, it just started doing this
In your list of repairs, I couldn't find one for replacing the cv joint boots.
my main seal of the crankshaft is leaking if i replace my camshaft what else should i replace, so any complications in the future could be avoid.i need some advice if u could give me any i'll apriciate it. Thank U!!!!
I took the throttle off to nake things easier. everything looks to be in place, what could i have done?
I had the tranny flushed and shortly after 3rd and 4th gear no longer work, is there an easy fix or is it more involved?
The radiator is new and transmision hoses too. no water into the engine (oil carter).
the car is making a rattling noise from the inside of the AC compressor I've had the tensor and belt changed and it's still there. If the compressor stops working will this make the car not driveble?
how to install master cylinder?