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changed the throttle body and no difference still idling too high
- I have Checked harness resistance from sensor to main connector. ok - have checked sensor input voltage, 5v on both sides, at big connector and through the harness to sensor. - I concluded to replace wheele hub as...
The car runs fine, smooth. No missing or backfires.
the car was already taken apart having trouble putting back timing chain
I was changing spark plugs and one broke leaving the threads still :n the head. What will it cost to get it removed. Or what can I get to remove it
I had repairs done to improve my emissions, and now the Evap. monitor will not run to allow a retest. We have tried everything to complete a drive cycle, including parking the vehicle in a heated garage overnight. Wh...
Moving the shifter forth and back is easy, but de right-left movement is hard, ans the shifter does not center itself. I also have a hard time engaging first gear. I tried to lubricate the corresponding transmission c...
backup lights don't work.where is the backup light switch
I have a car doc OBD and when I connect it under dash I have no power, what would cause this...a fuse?
With the AC running, when I put the controls to feet only, the air blows out the feet, but when I set it to blow on the face only or defrost, it blows on the feet. What is the problem? I do not hear a vacuum noise wh...
how expensive to fix power stering pum
price to change power stering pum
I have a 2002 pontiac sunfire that when it idles it surges we have replaced the altinator and the spark plugs also the idle sensor, What else could the problem be?
both straps have been removed all lines and hoses have been disconnected as per instruction, but gas tank won't come lose and drop to remove fuel pump